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Milwaukee 22-22-1385 BRUSH HOLDER ASSEMBLY

Fits the following Milwaukee Tools:

6521-50 (SER 326A) Sawzall
6521-21 (SER 981A) Sawzall
6521-21 (SER 981B) Sawzall
6521-21 (SER 981C) Sawzall
6509-20 (SER A17A) Sawzall
6509-20 (SER A17B) Sawzall
6509-20 (SER A17C) Sawzall
6509-20 (SER A17D) Sawzall
6509-20 (SER A17E) Sawzall
6509-22 (SER A17A) Sawzall
6509-22 (SER A17B) Sawzall
6509-22 (SER A17C) Sawzall
6509-22 (SER A17D) Sawzall
6509-22 (SER A17E) Sawzall
4270-20 (SER 373A) Mag Stand Assembly
4270-50 (SER 373A) Mag Stand Assembly


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