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Milwaukee 40-50-8515 BIAS SPRING

Fits the following Milwaukee Tools:

6743-55 (SER A04A) Drywall Screwdriver
6743-55 (SER A04B) Drywall Screwdriver
6757-1 (SER 824B) Drywall Screwdriver
6757-1 (SER 824C) Drywall Screwdriver
6757-1 (SER 824D) Drywall Screwdriver
6791-20 (SER 180A) Drywall Screwdriver
6706-20 (SER 119A) Screwgun
6706-20 (SER 119B) Screwgun
6755-1 (SER 792D) Drywall Screwdriver
6708-20 (SER 132B) Screwgun
6708-20 (SER 132A) Screwgun
6707-55 (SER A06A) Screwgun
6707-50 (SER 120A) Screwgun
6798-55 (SER 450A) Screwdriver
0455-20 (SER 911A) Screw Driver
0456-20 (SER 912A) Screw Driver
6755-1 (SER 792C) Drywall Screwdriver
6743-20 (SER 159B) Drywall Screwdriver
6743-20 (SER 159A) Drywall Screwdriver
6702-20 (SER 105A) Power Unit for Sharp-Fire Screwdriver System, 0-2500 RPM
6703-20 (SER 118B) Power Unit for Sharp-Fire® Screwdriver System, 0-4000 RPM
6740-20 (SER 143A) Decking, Drywall and Framing Screwdriver, 0-2500 RPM
6742-20 (SER 146A) Drywall Screwdriver, 0-4000 RPM
6742-20 (SER 146B) Drywall Screwdriver, 0-4000 RPM
6742-20 (SER 146C) Drywall Screwdriver, 0-4000 RPM
6790-20 (SER 179A) Self Drill Fastener Screwdriver, 0-2500 RPM
6792-20 (SER 181A) Self Drill Fastener Screwdriver, 0-2500 RPM
6798-1 (SER 450E) Positive Clutch Rev Screw Driver
6760-1 (SER 830C) Positive Clutch Rev. Screw Driver
6758-1 (SER 823D) D.I. Drywall Screw Driver
6755-1 (SER 792B) D.I. Drywall Screw Driver
6755-1 (SER 792E) D.I. Drywall Screw Driver
6701-20 (SER 938A) Snap Action Clutch Power Unit Screwdriver w/Mag. Attach.
6704-20 (SER 958A) Drywall Power Unit Screwdriver
6705-20 (SER 939A) Drywall Power Unit Screwdriver w/Mag. Attachment
6707-20 (SER 120A) 1-1/4″-2″ Sharpfire Screwdriver w/Mag. Attachment
6707-20 (SER 120B) 1″-1-5/8″ Sharpfire Screwdriver w/Mag. Attachment
6747-1 (SER 453E) Snap Action Drywall Screwdriver
6707-20 (SER 120C) Screwgun
6791-20 Screwdriver
6791-21 Drywall Screwdriver

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 1 in


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